Youth vision team

Here are just a few great opportunities to give back and be a part of the RUMC Student Ministry vision. If you are a student or parent and are interested in any of the positions listed, please contact Jason Scott,


Outreach Chair (Adult) - Reach out to those who do not yet know Christ as their Savior, retain members and volunteers.

Monthly Outreach/Summer Sundays (Adult) -  Assist with all logistics, planning of the events, and promotion of events within the church and beyond.

TMD (Adult) - Promote TMD, assure parent drivers for drop off at school, and assist staff in forming a student leadership team that recruits speakers. 

Worship Chair (Adult) - The primary function is working in conjunction with RSM and RUMC staff to advise on music/performing arts activities and needs.

ChAOS (Adult) - Assist in coordinating Sunday night worship experience, meet with staff at least 2 x per month to plan details.

Special Services (Adult or student) -  Assist staff in planning services like: Good Friday, Christmas ChAOS, Crossroads, AYL Prayer Service, etc.

AV/Tech (Adult or student) -  Help coordinate RSM AV needs throughout the Dod and throughout the year.

Prayer (Adult) - Develop a system of strategized prayer and support for all events,  offer opportunities for students to be in prayer for each other and the world.

Volunteer Coordinator (Adult) -  Recruiting needed volunteers through RSM families and RUMC Volunteer Coordination staff member.

Transportation (Adult) - Assist in coordinating transportation efforts for all RSM activities.

Internal Church Communications (Adult) - Work with RSM staff to know what needs to be promoted church-wide.

Social Media (Student) -  Create content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts, assist RSM staff in connecting with parents and students through social media outlets.

Website (Student) -  Assist RSM staff by maintaining our RSM website.

Inner-Dod (Adult or student) - Use posters and other ways to promote programs and ministries inside the Dod.