HS Mission Trip

June 17-24      $525

$75 deposit due at registration

The people of Appalachia are incredibly humble, yet equally proud of their heritage and lifestyle. They are a hard-working, close-knit, family-first, hospitality-oriented group of people. The Appalachian people not only have to battle the geographical isolation of their location, but their hardship has been perpetuated by the large loss of jobs due to the decline of mining, steel, and several manufacturing industries. The shortage of gainful employment has led to severe poverty in many communities, and as a result, the effects of substance abuse, food insecurity, and homelessness have taken their toll. The hearts of many people have been fractured, and “hopelessness” is an all-too-common term used by many.

Our high school students will serve alongside local churches and ministries at a local camp for kids who wouldn't get a chance to attend camp otherwise. Our team will have opportunities to serve in a variety of ways, from camp counselors to leading games and even leading big group worship. We are excited about this opportunity to serve the Lord and serve the people of West Virginia.

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For more information, contact the RSM Office at (770) 261-1776 or email us at roswellstudents@gmail.com.