As disciples of God, we’re instructed to have the same attitude of love as Jesus Christ. In fact, the Bible says that if we love one another, people will know we are followers of God. Make Jesus famous with us by serving. There are several opportunities for Adults and Students to serve at Roswell Student Ministries. If you would like to donate to our Youth Programs please click here, Give Now.

Youth Vision Team

Here are just a few great opportunities to give back and be a part of the Roswell Student Ministry vision. If you are a student or parent and are interested in any of the positions listed please contact Jason Scott,

Outreach Chair (Adult) - Reach out to those who do not yet know Christ as their Savior, retain members and volunteers.

Monthly Outreach/Summer Sundays (Adult) -  Assist with all logistics, planning of the events, and promotion of events within the church and beyond.

TMD (Adult) - Promote TMD, assure parent drivers for drop off at school, and assist staff in forming a student leadership team that recruits speakers. 

Worship Chair (Adult) - The primary function is working in conjunction with RSM and RUMC staff to advise on music/performing arts activities and needs.

ChAOS (Adult) - Assist in coordinating Sunday night worship experience, meet with staff at least 2 x per month to plan details.

Special Services (Adult or student) -  Assist staff in planning services like: Good Friday, Christmas ChAOS, Crossroads, AYL Prayer Service, etc.

AV/Tech (Adult or student) -  Help coordinate RSM AV needs throughout the Dod and throughout the year.

Prayer (Adult) - Develop a system of strategized prayer and support for all events,  offer opportunities for students to be in prayer for each other and the world.

Volunteer Coordinator (Adult) -  Recruiting needed volunteers through RSM families and RUMC Volunteer Coordination staff member.

Transportation (Adult) - Assist in coordinating transportation efforts for all RSM activities.

Internal Church Communications (Adult) - Work with RSM staff to know what needs to be promoted church-wide.

Social Media (Student) -  Create content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts, assist RSM staff in connecting with parents and students through social media outlets.

Website (Student) -  Assist RSM staff by maintaining our RSM website.

Inner-Dod (Adult or student) - Use posters and other ways to promote programs and ministries inside the Dod.