RSM Forms

Health Form - 2018

Every student needs a health form for every trip we take throughout the year. You can find one here to download and fill out for your student. 

Off Site Permission Form

If your child's D-group leader makes plans to meet off-campus one night. They will inform you of the details, but you can download the form here and send it to the Dod with your student!

Early Release from School

For your student to attend RUMC's noon Good Friday service, please print this form and turn it into your school. 

Altar Your Life 2018:

Registration Form

BOGO Registration

College Leader Application

Summer Registration Forms:

Camp Extreme

Middle School Camp

Hurricane Relief Mission Trip

International Summer Mission Trip:

Kenya 2018

Honduras 2018


6th/7th Grade Registration

Ex-Con Application

Early Release from School

Retreat Schedule / What to Bring