D - Groups are our version small groups at Roswell Students Ministry. The "D" stands for Discipleship, and that is exactly what our leaders are doing. They are discipling small groups of students that are split by grade and gender. These groups meet on Sunday nights for about 45 minutes, but they are also connecting throughout the week. We believe D-Groups are one on the most important parts of our ministry, because they are an opportunity for every student to have a personal relationship with an adult who can speak biblical truth into their lives. It is our hope that these adults become trusted mentors so that each student has someone they can share life with in times of struggle and grief as well as times of joy and happiness.


D - Group Leaders and parents, click HERE to find the schedule for the semester of when we will be having services for our Middle and High school groups. D- Groups will always meet Sunday nights after worship.


April: "All Access"

Have you ever been to a concert? Maybe you had tickets for great seats. Maybe you were in the nosebleeds. Either way, you probably noticed that everyone had the same goal in mind, to get as close as possible. There’s just something about being near the band or near the artist that makes a great concert even more fun. But there’s a limit, right? No matter how good your tickets are, you can only get so close. There’s a velvet rope you can’t cross, a hall you can’t walk down, or a security guard you can’t stroll right past because those areas are reserved for certain people… special people—people with an all-access pass. Maybe you’ve felt the same way when it comes to God. Sure, you come to church and sing songs or listen, but there’s a limit to how close you can get. It’s almost like there’s a velvet rope around certain parts of our faith that tells us those parts are restricted to special people, to church-staff people, or to super-spiritual people. But what if that’s never what God intended? In this series we’ll explore what the Resurrection of Jesus really meant—for real people like us. And, we’ll discover that, because of Easter, we have an all-access pass to Him and to the life He has for us.