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  • Kingdom People- Week 1     (9/11)

    Week 1- We discuss what it means to be Kingdom People. You can't be  afollower of Jesus, if you don't follow Jesus. Sounds silly. But, so many people want to claim to be a Jesus-follower but continue to be led by other things (or people). What does it mean to truly FOLLOW Jesus? Be LED by Jesus, shaped by GRACE, and moved by LOVE.

  • Kingdom People- Week 2    (9/18)

    Week 2- You are blessed! What does that really mean? What does it mean to be Kingdom People living with God's Blessing? According to Matthew 5, the blessed are the meek, those who mourn, those who suffer. Are we sure we want to be blessed?

  • Kingdom People- Week 3     (9/25)

    Week 3-

  • Kingdom people- Week 4    (10/2)

    Week 4- 

  • Kingdom people- Week 5   (10/16)

    Week 5- 

  • kingdom people- week 6     (10/23)

    Week 6- 

  • kingdom people- Week 7    (11/6)

    Week 7- 

  • kingdom people- week 8   (12/4)

    Week 8- 

  • A nice intro on how to have the best CRU thought the semester.