21 Day Challenge

For the month of march we will be studying spiritual disciplines. This includes things like worship, confession, service, study, and prayer. Because we don't talk about them a lot in the church we are challenging our students to actively participate in the inward disciplines. The inward disciplines are all things that we need to practice to turn into habit. 

Below you will find more resources for each of the disciplines.

  • Study

    We are so glad you chose to do a bible study for the next 21 days. Each day you will read a chapter from either Hebrews or 1 Corinthians, and then answer some bible study questions that go with it.


    Studying our bible is a very important part of loving and knowing God. There is so much in each page that we can learn about the character of God and how much he loves us. Sometimes we just read that chapters to say we have read them, but we donโ€™t actually study to learn and to understand. We hope these next 21 days will be a chance for you to grow and learn things you never expected.


    If you have any questions or concerns as you are going through your study, feel free to come and talk with us.


    Download our study guides here.

    1 Corinthians


  • Prayer

    We are so glad you have chosen to participate in dedicated prayer time each day for the next 21 days.


    Prayer is one of the many ways we can draw near to God. It is also a time to talk with our father, express our fears and doubts, but also listen. We have a moment to listen to what He wants us to hear and know. Prayer is a time where the Lord can speak to us, and we are still enough to hear Him.


    We hope that over these next 21 days you are focused in your prayer and that you will set a side dedicated time to pray, talk, and listen to your Father.


    As you go through the 21 days make sure to keep a journal of your prayer time. You will find that things that seem insignificant that day, may have great meaning another. So be sure to write it down.


    We are so excited for you to take this journey and cannot wait to hear what the Lord does in your life over the next 21 days.

    If you need a prayer journal, please come find us this week and we will get you one!

  • Fasting

    Fasting is doing without something for a specific amount of time to focus on a spiritual need in your life. Why are you fasting? That should be the first thing you decide. Do you have a difficult decision to make? Do you struggle with a specific sin in your life? Do you need some spiritual direction or encouragement? Whatever it may be, you first need to determine why you are doing it.

    Once, you decide why you are fasting, then, you can decide what you are fasting. Fasting should never be seen as a diet plan or way to rid yourself of something that you want to stop. Your fast should be removing something in your life that is a hindrance from your devotion to God. 

    Much like "giving up something for Lent" you should look into sacrificing something significant that will cause you to depend more on God. Many people give up sodas, chocolate, sweets, television or even social media. What is it that the Holy Spirit is telling you distracts you from being in God's presence?

    Finally, after you have decided why and what, you need to find someone to tell. It could be your good friend, d-group leader or youth staff. But, you need to find someone whom you trust to tell about your commitment. Ask this person to help keep you on track.

    There are many things you can fast from, including food. Here is a link to the Daniel Fast which is a great one to try.

    The Daniel Fast

  • Meditation

    Christian meditation is different from the typical type of meditation that usually comes to mind. When we usually think of meditation, we think of the typical Eastern Meditation where you sit with your legs crossed, focus on your breathing, and try to clear your mind of everything.

    Christian Meditation is different. Christian Meditation is the focusing of the mind on ONE single word, phrase, concept, or scripture in the hopes of hearing from God. With Christian Meditation you don't have to be sitting down but want to find a comfortable, quiet place where you can focus your mind. This may be in your room, your favorite chair on your back-porch, or even walking through your backyard.

    In Richard Foster's classic of the Christian Faith, "Celebration of Discipline", he uses this definition: "Christian meditation, very simply, is the ability to hear God's voice and obey his word."

    We are so glad you have decided to make this commitment to meditate for 21 days during the month of March as we look at and study all the disciplines of the Christian faith. Click on the link for a guide of what to meditate on for 15 minutes each day.    Meditation Guide Packet