D - Groups are our version small groups at Roswell Students Ministry. The "D" stands for Discipleship, and that is exactly what our leaders are doing. They are disciplining small groups of students that are split by grade and gender. These groups meet on Sunday nights for about 45 minutes, but they are also connecting throughout the week. We believe D-Groups are one on the most important parts of our ministry, because they are an opportunity for every student to have a personal relationship with an adult who can speak biblical truth into their lives. It is our hope that these adults become trusted mentors so that each student has someone they can share life with in times of struggle and grief as well as times of joy and happiness. 

Middle School                     |               High School

Week 1 : Worlds Apart                            Week 1 : Rhythm

Week 2 : Worlds Apart                             Week 2 : Rhythm

Week 3 : Worlds Apart                             Week 3 : Rhythm

I have questions : Is vaping really that bad for me?            Week 4: Rhythm                             

               I have questions : Can entertainment I consume really affect my spiritual life?