For 9 years, we have had D-Groups on Sunday nights. These were our small groups that were open to all students to come and go as they pleased. Students could invite friends and new- comers were always welcome. These types of groups offer an inviting place for everyone. But they often are very superficial and don’t help students grow in their faith. Real community is rarely established with new people always coming in and out of the group. So, we have established a new Small Group Ministry that will offer “closed groups” that any student can join at the beginning of the semester, but will be closed to enable trust and accountability. You can join a CRU!

To join a CRU, simply click the link below and fill out a form! Most groups meet on Sunday nights, but there are some groups that meet during the week, as well. CRUS have already begun for this semester.

(More info below)


CRU Registration

Each CRU consists of 2 adults and 8-10 students of the same gender/grade, just like D-Groups. Each MS CRU can have up to 8-10 students. You are also able to submit friend requests for your group, as well. 

HS CRUs also have 2 leaders and usually 6-8 students. Ultimately, each HS group decides what day they’d like to meet. Most MS CRUs will continue to meet on Sunday nights.