Fall 2022 classes begin Sunday, August 21 and run through Sunday, October 30 from 10-11 am in the Dodson Youth Center of RUMC.

Confirmation Sunday: November 6th

Any 6th-8th grader can register for Confirmation 2022

To register: Click Here

(Scholarships are available.)

*Note: Registration is now CLOSED! If you'd like to be added, please contact us at or (770) 261-1776


    Confirmation is a journey where students learn more about their faith and what it means to be a member of a church. It is said that Confirmation is the longest 18 inch journey of your life. It spiritually connects your heart and your head. It is our goal for our students to not only understand and know what they believe, but have a real, life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

    To register to be a Confirmand, please click here.

    Deadline to register is Monday, August 8.

    Ex- Cons

    We use Ex-Confirmands as are our high school mentors during confirmation. They teach lessons, encourage students, and bring fun and excitement to confirmation. All Ex-Con applicants should have completed Freshman year of high school and ompleted Confirmation themselves. 

    Each group typically has 2-3 Ex-Cons and 2 adult mentors assigend to them. 

    To apply to be an Ex-Con please apply here.

    Deadline to apply is Monday, August 8.

            Parent Class

    One of the best traditions we have is our parent class that runs simultaneously with our students. The parents are taught the same lessons that the students learn each week so they can go home and continue the conversation.

    Parents are expected to attend these classes while their Confirmands are with their tribes!

    There will be 10 Parent Classes including our Kick-off:

    August 21st - Kick-off event with students in the gym

    (All other Parent Classes will be in the Catacombs.)

    August 28th                                    October 9th

    September 11th                             October 16th

    September 18th                             October 23rd

    September 25th                             October 30th

    October 2nd


    October 14th- 16th

    Camp Glisson

    Our Retreat is one of the most beloved parts of Confirmation. For the weekend our students will spend time getting to know their adults and high school mentors while also learning the fundamentals of their faith. We encourage all kids to attend the entire time, as it is a very important experience to learn and build relationships with others in their class as well as the high schoolers and staff. 

    We ask MS students to check out of school a little early so they can be at the Dod by 3:45 PM on Friday, Oct 14. Click the link below if you need an Early Release Form to give your school for check-out.

    Early Release Form

    Medical Form