MS Dodgeball League

Registration is now open!

Cost- $25 per person      (Includes team jersey!)

Deadline to register is Thursday, September 30th!

Wednesday Nights at the Dodson Youth Center at RUMC

Games- 6-6:30, 6:30-7, 7-7:30

6 regular season games (October 6-November 10)

End of Season Tournament- Nov 17- 6-8pm



Optional Tryout- 9/29 from 6-7:30pm

You do not have to attend this tryout to participate in the league. 

This tryout is a good opportunity for the league officials to determine

the skill levels of each player and help them select teams.


Game Play-

  1. 5 players of each team on the court at a time. Minimum 4 players to start a game.
  2. A player is eliminated when hit by a ball thrown by the opposing team. Balls that hit the floor, wall, other object or other person first does not count as an elimination.
  3. A player can come back in if an opposing thrown ball is caught in the air. Players must re-enter in the order in which they were eliminated. A benched player must enter before an eliminated player can re-enter. A maximum of 5 players can be on the court for each team.
  4. Each match is played with 2 teams playing 3 games. First team to win two games wins the match.
  5. Game One: Pinball- a bowling pin is placed on the back line behind each team. The game is over when a player knocks over the opposing team’s bowling pin.
  6. Game Two: Hitman- a bandana is placed on the arm of a player of the team’s choosing. When that player is eliminated, the game is over.
  7. Game Three (if needed): Black Out- Traditional dodgeball game where you eliminate every person form the opposing tea

Other Details-

  •          Plan is to have 6-8 teams. If 6 teams, games will run from 6-8pm. If 8 teams, game swill run from 6-8pm.
  •          Each team will have 7-8 players assigned to their team.
  •          Players can request friends to be on their team but no guarantees for friend request fulfillment. Teams will be made as even as possible with       the information we have.
  •          Players will be notified between Sept 30-Oct 4 with team information by their coach.
  •          Coaches are volunteer HS students.
  •          We will have 2 referees per game.
  •       Teams will be given a team jersey but are encouraged to be creative in coming up with their specific team uniforms.