Graduation Sunday

Roswell United Methodist Church celebrates graduating seniors on May 19th during the 11:15 am service. Before the service, there is a delightful family brunch where seniors and their loved ones can gather, share stories, and enjoy a meal together. This event honors the achievements of graduating seniors and provides a meaningful time for fellowship and celebration within the church community. We are so proud of our SENIORS and cannot wait to celebrate them.

High School Seniors

10:00am- Brunch with seniors and their loved ones in the Dod

11:15am- Senior march into the sanctuary during service for recognition

4:30pm- All seniors welcome back to Sunday Night Youth as we have our annual Summer kickoff

6:30pm - Senior surprise activity after summer kickoff

During the 11:15 service we will be showing a slideshow of our seniors, when you register for senior Sunday please follow the directions in the signup to upload your senior picture, baby photo, full name, and a short bio about the senior student. 

Please click the link below to register!

Graduation Sunday Registration