Canned Food Scavenger Hunt

Deadline- November 16, 2020 by 6 p.m.

For 8 years, RSM has competed in the Canned Food Scavenger Hunt. This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are going to mix it up a bit! Instead of travelling around as a team collecting canned food items, each student will compete individually for the grand prize! The student who gathers the most non-perishable food items and turns them in no later than Monday, November 17 by 6 pm, will pick up a band new pair of Airpods and a FREE registration to AYL 2021 (or 2022 if it doesn't happen this year!) The second place student will also pick up a FREE AYL registration.

So...get your donations together and get your cans to the Dod! You can also bring them on Sunday, Nov 15 to our First Annual Friends-giving Dinner! But, remember the rules...

1) No purchasing cans from the store. They have to be donated by friends, neighbors, strangers, etc.

2) Don't harass people. Please remember you are representing the church and Jesus! 

3) Each item (non-perishable...ask your parents) is worth 2 points. If it says the words: "Healthy" or "Family-size" on the label, you get 1 extra bonus point per item. No limit on repeating items. (But remember rule number 1!)

4) If someone donates cash instead of items, we will credit you 2 items for each dollar donated. Do not go and buy items with the donated cash.


Bring your items to the Dod either Sunday night, November 15 during Friends-giving Dinner or Monday, November 16 no later than 6 pm. 

First place- New Airpods and an AYL Registration (2021 or 2022)

Second Place- AYL Registration (2021 or 2022)

Have questions or need more info, email us at or send us a text to (678) 658-2115.