Middle School Camp

June 26-30

  • Middle School Camp is most of our students favorite time of the year.

    We have done many different things over the years, but one thing has stayed constant. It is a time for high school students to lead and teach middle school students! This year our high schoolers will be leaving a day early, after church on Sunday the 25th. This will be a time for them to be together and to learn and grow their relationships with Christ. The middle schoolers will arrive the next day, and camp will officially begin!


    This year we are going to Camp ToKnowHim  

    The cost of the trip will be $325 for Middle School and

    $175 for high school

  • "Middle School Camp changed my life...some of my favorite memories in life occurred at middle school camps & I will forever be thankful to RUMC for giving these to me. Middle school camp is an unforgettable & extremely fun experience & I would reccommend it to anyone" 

    ~Rebecca Bourne (current 9th grader)

    "I love getting lead, and hopefully impact the middle schoolers as much as my leaders impacted me." 

    ~ Emma Rohwer (current 11th grader)

    To Sign Up to be a high school counselor please fill out an application and return it to the DOD by May 21st.